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GMTE Episode #154 - AEW All Out 2021 Predictions, Mike Richards Out As E.P. Of Wheel & Jeopardy!, Cougar In New York, & More!!!

September 2, 2021

This week on The GMTE Podcast, The Express Takes are on fire again as I cover these topics. It starts with some thoughts about Hurricane Ida leaving its mark (including here in our area this week). Friday Night SmackDown, AEW Rampage, & Monday Night Raw Full Recap/Thoughts. Ratings and Numbers for Dynamite (last week & this week), SmackDown, Rampage, Raw, & NXT. Vince McMahon wasn't happy at Raw again (what else is new). You'll get my official Preview and Predictions for AEW All Out 2021 taking place in The Chicago Land Area. Find out if I see any major surprises happening. Reaction for NWA Empowerrr & NWA 73. Reaction to The New York Mets "Thumbs Down" messy situation and why it was clearly a bad look by the players. Mike Richards is out as Executive Producer of Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy! following him recently stepping down as new host of Jeopardy!. I share my thoughts on it & who I think would be the right person to be the new EP of Wheel & Jeopardy!. Finally a Cougar was discovered in New York & this one boggles my mind. I hope you're all doing well. Sit back, grab a cold water, & Keep It In Full Drive for Episode #154 of The #GMTEPodcast/ Thanks Everyone!!!

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