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GMTE Episode #108 - WWE Draft Review, Week 6 NFL Picks, Joe Morgan, & More!!!

October 14, 2020

This week on The GMTE Podcast, These are The Express Takes I'll Discuss.

The first portion of the podcast this week has my full honest thoughts and review of The 2020 WWE Draft that took place on SmackDown last week, Talking Smack, WWE Monday Night Raw, & Raw Talk this week. I go over what happened on both shows & why The WWE Draft was a big bust yet again in my opinion. There were 2 "free agents" remaining & neither didn't deserve that. One of the two maybe heading to a different show. Find out who that it & which show it is. I go over the numbers & ratings for the Draft editions of SmackDown & Raw which showed surprising but also disappointing figures. Seth Rollins is not a fan of Matt Riddle & doesn't want to work with him. I discuss the likely reason why that's the case & it's not Matt Riddle's fault. Lars Sullivan has made his return to The WWE & he's in hot water again. I cover that latest bad news involving him but also him getting a big program down the line with a top performer. Reaction to all of the injuries that have been hitting WWE NXT as of late & why that could be happening. Coming off a 10-4 Week 5, I'm looking for to keep the winning going with my Week 6 NFL Picks & my Upset Pick of the Week. My thoughts and a look back on the careers of Baseball H.O.F. 2nd baseman Joe Morgan & Legendary Game Show Host Tom Kennedy. Finally I end the podcast with how you could win big money by simply using your noodle to create tasty noodles.

I hope you are all doing well. Sit back, grab a cold water, & enjoy Episode #108 of The GMTE Podcast. Keep It In Full Drive!!! Thanks Everyone!!!     

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